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Compostable Refuse Sacks Set a Record

The use of compostable refuse sacks reached a new record this year with over 786,000 being used during a few short weeks in the summer.  As a result, it is believed that more large compostable sacks were used in those weeks than were been used by the whole of the UK in the last year.

The stimulus was LOCOG (The London Olympic Organising Committee) setting the target of Olympic and Paralympic games being the greenest games ever.  A key part of that was to collect and recycle as much waste as possible, and it was decided to provide a range of distinctive sacks to enable waste separation at source.

Refuse bins at the games

Refuse bins at the games

3 different sizes of bright orange compostable sacks (to EN 13432) were used to collect all compostable waste such as food remains.  These were easily identified amidst the overall refuse and sent to an industrial composting site.

The compostable sacks were part of a series of 5 different coloured bags which were used to collect and separate waste by every single company involved at all the Olympic and Paralympic sites.

All the other 4 sacks were made from 100% recycled materials in bright colours to help people easily separate waste types.

Over 4.2 million refuse sacks were supplied in total during the games.

Brian Chapman, MD of The Supplies House (the sole supplier of refuse sacks for both the Olympics and Paralympics), commented; “LOCOG went through an extremely thorough tender process, not just looking for value for money, but also to find the greenest solution.  That fact that they have selected our sacks as the greenest and most cost effective solution to their refuse problem shows we have been heading in the right direction with our green strategy.
Being a relatively small British company was a proud bonus.”

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