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Games stories from The Supplies House ®

We were proud to be part of the greatest show on earth, the London 2012 Games.

Brian Chapman at a makeshift desk after a long night!

Brian Chapman at his “desk” after a long night!

Some time ago we were selected as the sole supplier for all the rubbish bags for all the venues at the London 2012 Games held in London and the rest of the UK.  As a relatively small British company we felt that was a great achievement.

We also provided a significant proportion of the janitorial supplies used during the games (cleaning equipment and consumables plus lots of paper products).

This section of our website is designed to give some background of our experience to the games.

As an overview we have to say that the Games were incredibly well organised, and the community sprit amongst all the people and companies taking part was absolutely amazing.

Here are a couple of our stories.
Jade’s story – one of our account managers who changed role to work at the main games site.

Refuse sacks – the story of being the sole supplier of refuse sacks to all the venues.

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Being green in the cleaning world is not as straight-forward as some people would have you believe. We have a committed approach to green cleaning products. Read about the issues, our approach and how we select green suppliers.

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 We accept credit cards